Twitter Daily Use Surges to 8%, up from 2% in 2010 [Pew Internet Study]

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Pew Internet Research just released the findings of their study on Twitter, and how people are assimilating the social platform into their lives.

Looking back at 2011, then at February of this year, Twitter's adoption numbers remain similar, with 13% in 2011 and 15% this year. What has changed is the number of people who have decided to make Twitter part of their daily routine.

In May 2010, only 2% of online adults claimed they used Twitter on a daily basis. By May 2011, that number doubled to 4%, and as of February this year, daily Twitter use reached 8%. Pew Internet Research believes the rise of the smartphone may play a crucial role in the change.

Take a look at Pew's chart illustrating Twitter usage over time:

pew internet graph

Who Uses Twitter?:

pew internet demographic twitter

Who uses Twitter on a cellphone?:

pew cellphone twitter