Twitter Cuts Out Replies From Verified Accounts' Timelines

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One of the most endearing qualities a celebrity, brand, or otherwise verified Twitter account can have is user engagement. Sure, it's interesting to follow them for the humor, the information, or the insight into their day-to-day lives. But if Twitter account is enough of a BFD to be verified, and they still take the time to respond to the little man - well, they're special.

This is naturally very exciting for whoever gets the replies. But for everyone else, a celeb's Twitter feed may become flooded by @ replies, making it unable for you to browse through their actual tweets.

That problem is now a thing of the past, as Twitter has just announced that verified accounts are now available with or without replies.

The verified account will be set to "No replies" by default, which means you won't see any @ replies tweeted by the account. You can easily click over to "All" if you want to see their conversations along with their original tweets.

From the Twitter blog:

This simplified profile, which we’re rolling out to verified accounts over the coming weeks, makes it easier to understand what kind of content the user shares on Twitter, and what Tweets you’ll see if you follow them. (Remember that replies on Twitter begin with an @username and are only seen by people who follow both the Tweet author and the @username at the beginning of the Tweet.)

Of course, this new feature won't really change anything for the pages of celebs and brands that don't make a habit of dishing out replies. But for some high-profile Twitter users, copious replies are the norm. For those users, this will most likely prove to be a great new feature.

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