Twitter CEO Wins Silicon Valley Popularity Contest

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If a company's success can be linked with its CEO's popularity, then Twitter is going to have a very bright future.  New rankings concerning Silicon Valley CEOs are out, and Dick Costolo, who replaced Twitter cofounder Evan Williams in October, came in first place.

It's of course possible to like a clueless person or respect someone who's a jerk, so we're not really suggesting anyone put too much stock in these findings.  Still, they may at least influence how well different companies can hold onto talented employees.

Now on to the stats.  Ben Parr explained this afternoon, "Cubeduel connects to a user's LinkedIn account and then asks him or her to choose between two colleagues, business partners or coworkers based on who they would rather work with. . . .  Cubeduel's users have clocked in more than 1.2 million votes so far, with 26% of those users voting more than 100 times, so it has a pretty decent sample size.  LinkedIn, Microsoft and Google employees alone have voted more than 100,000 times."

Twitter LogoThen Parr wrote, "So who's the most popular CEO in Silicon Valley?  That honor goes to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.  He has won 100% of his duels on Cubeduel (16/16)."

HubSpot's Brian Halligan also has a spotless record, Tony Hsieh of Zappos has won 83 percent of his face-offs, and Gary Kovacs of Mozilla, Marc Benioff of, and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn have earned scores of 81 percent, 78 percent, and 75 percent, if you're curious.

It should be interesting to see how Larry Page fares in these sorts of comparisons once he becomes CEO of Google.