Twitter Brand Hub Aims To Help Advertisers Understand Their Brand's Conversation

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Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Brand Hub, a new suite of analytics tools aimed at helping advertisers better understand their brand's "share of conversation, key audiences, and trends about their brand's conversation."

Twitter describes the offering as a "360-degree, real-time view" enabling the advertiser to learn, take action, and see the impact of their Twitter initiatives.

The offering has been in beta, but is now available to select large brand advertisers and medium-sized businesses in English-speaking countries. Those with access can find it when they log into

Brand Hub lets businesses see insights in a new metric called TrueVoice as well as Audience and Conversation details. The company describes TrueVoice in a blog post:

We’ve developed TrueVoice, a new metric only available within Brand Hub to help advertisers track their share of conversation in real time. Share of conversation empowers marketers to learn more about the conversation happening about their brand on Twitter - in fact, research has shown that Tweets that mention brands have been linked to a direct increase in sales.

We determine your brand’s TrueVoice by first analyzing Tweets about your brand and those about your competitors. Then, we identify what percentage of these impressions your brand owns. As consumers see ads about your brand and your competitors on TV, display, and social channels, they send Tweets which are then counted in real time through TrueVoice.

Audience shows insights about people actively talking about the brand on Twitter, while Conversation shows how people are discussing the brand, such as how many impressions a brand received over time, how many tweets mentioned the brand/product and the top phrases mentioned in conjunction with the brand.

Twitter says those who don't have access to Brand Hub can request it by reaching out to their account team.

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