Twitter Begins to Let Users Download Tweet Archives

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After making promises for a good while, Twitter is finally starting the process of giving every user the ability to download an archive of their tweets - all of them. That means all of your outgoing communications, retweets and all, will be available for you to possess (and browse!).

"It’s no secret: You make Twitter what it is. And if you tweet, you may have found yourself wanting to go back in time and explore your past Tweets. Maybe you wanted to recall your reaction to the 2008 election, reminisce on what you said to your partner on your 10th anniversary, or just see your first few Tweets. We know lots of you would like to explore your Twitter past," said Twitter.

So soon you can. All you have to do is go to your settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the "request your archive" button. When the file is ready to be downloaded, Twitter will email you a link.

Once you access your personal archive, you can search all of your previous tweets by date. There's also a search feature that allows you to find specific tweets based on keywords, hashtags, and @usernames. So, if you want to see every tweet you've ever sent your best friend, now you can. Or if you're looking to find everything you've ever said about "beer," you can. Although you may not want to see the Twitter proof of your slight drinking issue.

If you don't see the option within your settings, don't worry. Twitter says they are rolling out this feature slowly, and to English-speaking users first. They say it will take weeks (maybe months) before everyone has the ability to download their tweets.

"We’re really excited to bring this feature to everyone, and we appreciate your patience as we work to do so," they say.

Josh Wolford
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