Advertising On Twitter: Become A Marketing Shogun

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Have you and your business been quietly swelling with greed when you see promoted tweets on Twitter, imagining all of the revenue those advertisements must be earning for someone out there that isn't you? You probably should get in on that take. Lucky for you, Alchemy Social, they of keen skills for all things social media advertising, have put together an easy-to-understand inforgraphic to brief you on the winning ways of advertising on Twitter.

The microblogging giant just celebrated its sixth birthday two days ago, announcing that the site is now home to 140 million active users who post roughly 340 million tweets a day. Those are millions and millions of possible consumers that you are missing out on, dear businessperson. So have a look-see at the infographic to get a grasp on what's going on with the world of advertising on the Twitterscape, covering basics like how to embed multiple keyword groups in your ads and what kind of offers really entice people to follow brands on Twitter.

Before too long, you'll look just like Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal, rolling around in your lush bed of lots of money.