Twitter Advertises For Washington Liaison


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Late last week, Twitter announced that it had 205 employees.  Now, the company is searching for number 206, and he (or she) won't be your average engineer.  Twitter is instead breaking new ground by seeking a government liaison to represent it in Washington, D.C.

A job posting explained, "Twitter is looking for an experienced, entreprenurial person to make Twitter better for policymakers, political organizations and government officials and agencies.  You'll be our first D.C. -based employee and the closest point of contact with a variety of important people and organizations looking to get the most out of Twitter on both strategic and highly tactical levels."

As for what sort of impact the liaison is supposed to have, the posting continued, "You'll help set the culture and approach of a fledgling public policy department . . ."  Also, Twitter claimed, "If you are successful, the world will be a better place because policymakers will have closer connections with their constituents and will be sharing more information with them."

This opening signals some big changes and major goals at Twitter, then.  The company seems poised to expand more aggressively than ever and make a special effort to introduce influential people to its site.  Although the job posting doesn't inspire total confidence, considering that it has at least three typos ("entrepreneurial" is spelled wrong, there's an unnecessary space in "D.C.-based," and a section not quoted above leaves the apostrophe out of "policymakers' use of Twitter").

A hat tip goes to Leena Rao, in any event, and we'll see what happens.