Twitter Ad Performance: How Big Can Twitter Get?

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Peter Fenton, a general partner at Benchmark Capital and member of the Twitter Inc. board speaks about social network platforms and their value to investors. He addresses specifically the potential of Twitter ads and how promoted tweets can have a greater impact than many conventional forms of advertising.

He wants people to realize that Twitter is a discovery engine that gets you closer and more connected to the people and information you're interested in. The future growth of Twitter will revolve more around this view of the social platform. Where early adopters may have used it primarily to share, the research aspects and promoted tweets are going to be instrumental for the growth and evolution of Twitter.

The Washington Post and Bloomberg provide this great interview with Fenton where he expresses his view on what Twitter is and what it has the potential to become. He also differentiates the various social platforms based on their utilitarian value. It's a really informative interview. If you plan on investing in social networking, this is a must-see!

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