Twitter Acquires Mobile App Development Startup Cabana

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In order to put more talent on their platform team, Twitter has acqui-hired the team from mobile app development startup Cabana. The specifics behind the deal are still unknown, but Cabana has announced the acquisition on their blog and Twitter has confirmed it via tweet.

Cabana was founded by Reeve Thompson and Jeremy Gordon, and the team comes from high-profile companies like Sega, Pixar, LucasArts, Adobe, and EA. Its investors included Digg founder Kevin Rose, Path CEO Dave Morin, and former Google employee and Twitter investor Chris Sacca.

"Cabana team draws from a past of deep technical wizardry and merges it with a innovative and effective design. Accustomed to GPUs, animatics, and pixel shaders, we take a different approach to developing for the web; one that we believe gives us a unique perspective on mobile app development," they say on their site.

Here's what the Cabana team had to say about "Joining the Flock" in a blog post:

We built Cabana because we are passionate about empowering people to develop interactive content in new and innovative ways. That same passion for innovation and the democratization of content creation is also shared by the amazing team at Twitter.

Over the past few months, we’ve gotten to know the Twitter team and discovered the tremendous amount of technological synergy and alignment of our visions. The more we explored this synergy, the more excited we became about joining forces and working together.

Starting today we will be joining Twitter’s platform team, and will build tools to help third-party developers create new experiences on Twitter and empower the larger Twitter ecosystem.

Cabana also announced that their standalone mobile app will be shut down on December 1st of this year.

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