Twitter Account Highlights Stupidity By Retweeting People Who Post Photos Of Their Debit Cards

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Why this has to exist is saddening, and it engenders hopeless feelings for the survival of the human race. But the fact that it does exist is pretty amazing.

I'm talking about a new Twitter account called @NeedADebitCard, whose sole purpose has been retweeting people who share un-edited photos of their debits cards on the network. That's right - there are actually enough people doing this to sustain an account of retweets.

The majority of the photos come from Instagram, which really should surprise nobody. I guess when you're used every filter available to spruce up that photo of your lunchtime tuna salad sandwich, you just have to move on to posting numbers that lead directly to to money in your bank account. Sounds logical.

Whether it's sheer stupidity, some sort of illusion of privacy, or severely overestimating the moral character of people, people are really tweeting their debit cards for the world to see:

Or this genius who's just so excited about her brand new Hello Kitty-themed plastic:

Fortunately, many of the people retweeted by @NeedADebitCard have either wised up or felt enough public humiliation to remove the photos.

But still, some remain out there for the taking. Come on, human race. It's really this easy:

[h/t The Verge]
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