Twitter Launches Ad Groups

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Twitter announced ad groups as a new level to its campaign structure in its ads editor so advertisers can have more control over how to spend their budgets and target different audiences.

A single campaign can have many ad groups, and an ad group can have many targeting criteria and creatives.

"This level of granular control helps advertisers improve how they measure results, set promotion schedules, test different audiences, and identify which Tweets work best," says product manager Andrea Hoffman.

"Managing large-scale campaigns isn’t nearly as time-consuming as you may think," says Hoffman. "Using ads editor and ad groups, you can build, test, optimize, and measure several campaigns at the same time, with just a few clicks."

All advertisers around the world now have access to ad groups. Twitter is offering a new Twitter Flight School course on the subject. The company says it takes less than an hour to complete, and you can do it from desktop or mobile.

Image via Twitter