Twitch Streaming Arrives For iOS

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Twitch today announced that Asphalt 8: Airborne will be the first iOS game to have built-in Twitch streaming capabilities. Using the feature, players will be able to use their iPhone 5S, iPad Air, or iPad Mini to stream gameplay to the Twitch website alongside PC and console gamers. The software will also use microphones and front-facing cameras to stream live images of players.

“Live broadcasting represents one of the most important shifts in the way people play games,” said Matthew DiPietro, VP of marketing at Twitch. “Twitch has quickly found a home on consoles, so by partnering with Gameloft to launch the first streaming-enabled mobile game brings us one step closer to being everywhere that gamers are. Also, by being integrated into Asphalt 8: Airborne, one of the highest rated mobile games, should ensure it resonates with our community.”

Gameloft is the publisher of Asphalt 8: Airborne, an arcade-style racing game for mobile platforms. The game allows players to race against computer-controlled opponents or other players through online matches. In addition to streaming features the game will also be updated with new events, cars, and user interface.

Other features of the Twitch streaming coming to the game include stream channel chat monitoring directly from the app and the ability to archive streams on Twitch.

Gameloft will be previewing the game's Twitch streaming this week during s 24-hour live stream. The date and time for the stream have not been announced, but Twitch has promised that the stream will include interviews with developers and a walkthrough of all the app's streaming features.

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