Tweeting From Your Refrigerator? There's an App For That.

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How does a WiFi connected home appliance sound? One that would, theoretically, allow you tweet updates of your frequent trips to the fridge through the use of a computer touchscreen? Is so, Samsung has just application-powered refrigerator with your name on it.

And no, this is not a joke, either. What we have is Samsung's WiFi-enabled, embedded touchscreen-powered refrigerator, and as you can see from the lead image, the appliance features an touchscreen preloaded with various apps, including ones for Twitter and Weatherbug. If you'd like to show off your Picasa library while fetching a refreshing beverage for your guest, you can do that too, provided the guest follows you to the fridge.

In fact, there are two refrigerator models featuring the app-loaded touchscreen. The apps, according to the specifications PDF, are as follows:

- Memo
- Epicurious Recipes
- Picasa Photos
- WeatherBug
- Calendar
- AP News
- Pandora
- Twitter

Here's a closer look at Samsung's touchscreen:

Samsung Refrigerator

Because the computing device is WiFi-enabled, it avoids the necessity of needing to be plugged into to a router or other hardwired connection. Samsung's product description shows their intention behind the design:

Check the morning weather, browse the web for recipes, explore your social networks or leave notes for your family—all from the refrigerator door.

Is such a feature even necessary? Are people even at their refrigerators long enough to "miss" their electronic connection to the outside world, increasing the demand for such a feature? Do people not carry their smartphones when going to the fridge for some delicious pizza? Apparently, I'm missing the spirit of such an innovation.

If you'd like yet another connected device in your home, this time, in the form of a kitchen appliance, you're going to have to pay a pretty penny to get it. The cheapest model refrigerator (30 cubic feet, side-by-side doors) goes for $2699, while the four-door model goes for $3499. That's a hefty price to pay for yet another connected device, especially when all smartphones and tablet computers can do accomplish the same tasks, as well as many others, for a fraction of a price.

But then again, you wouldn't be able to say you have an app-powered refrigerator, which is probably the reason most people would purchase such an appliance to begin with.

H/t to Uncrate for pointing this out.

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