TV Isn't Quite as Dead as You Think It Is

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Although the way we consume televised entertainment has been altered somewhat in the wake of new technology, people are still sticking their eyeballs all over their TV sets when they're ready to be entertained. I doubt that will change anytime soon.

Sure, the number of individuals watching live broadcasts of television programs has dropped significantly since last year, but that doesn't mean people are abandoning the medium altogether. In fact, the average TV-loving coach potato spends almost 5 hours per day with their brains attached to whatever's unfolding across their television screens. In fact, 98% of these programs are viewed on TV sets, though the landscape in which they are enjoyed is a bit different.

Thanks to the advent of DVRs, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes that allow users stream content directly into their living rooms, people aren't watching their favorite shows when they're scheduled to air. Instead of centering their life around, say, FOX's primetime line-up, they can simply watch them at their convenience. This practice isn't entirely new; back in the 80's and 90's, people had these devices called VCRs that allowed them to record movies, TV shows, and the like using a thing called a VHS tape. Analog all the way, baby.

"When it comes to newly released movies, old TV shows, and everything in between, consumers are increasingly turning to devices that enable them to watch streamed content on their big screen," Nielsen pointed out. "Two-thirds of game consoles in homes are now connected to the Internet, creating a new conduit for content delivery. In fact, more than half of Netflix users watch on their TV set via a game console or over-the-top streaming device."

However, it would be foolish to completely rule out mobile devices as a way to enjoy filmed entertainment. In fact, 33.5 million mobile phone owners currently use their devices to watch videos of all shapes and sizes. I foresee a future filled with pasty, squinty, far-sighted individuals who require the assistance of extremely thick glasses in order to actually see what it is they're watching. And before you ask, yes, my eyesight is dreadful.

In other words, your television isn't going anywhere just yet. Despite what your smartphone-obsessed friends are telling you about the future of entertainment, the TV is still quite relevant. There may come a day when these enormous televisions go the way of the boom box and the floppy disk, but I seriously hope I'm not around to experience it.

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