Turn-Based 'Hitman' Mobile Game Announced

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2012's Hitman: Absolution was relatively well-received by critics, yet still didn't live up to Square Enix's sales expectations. Especially considering the huge marketing push the publisher made for the game.

Now Square Enix is giving Hitman the same treatment so many of its other properties have gotten recently. The publisher today announced Hitman GO, an upcoming mobile game based on the Hitman franchise. According to Square Enix the game is "almost ready for launch" and will undergo testing in the coming weeks.

Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game in which players will command Agent 47 around small "diorama-style" levels. The challenge will be getting 47 into position to take out his targets while avoiding enemies. Square Enix Montreal promises that players will have access to all the tools commonly associated with the Hitman franchise, including disguises, weapons, and other tools of the assassin trade.

The news that Hitman is going mobile probably comes as a disappointment for fans of the series waiting on another full title, and it seems even Square Enis realizes this. The publisher also used the Hitman GO announcement to tease "something else" Square Enix Montreal is working on that "fits perfectly within the Hitman fantasy." The announcement stated that fans will not have to wait long for a reveal that may come "sooner than you think."

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