TurboTax Taps Twitter To Offer Tax Help


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TurboTax said today taxpayers on Twitter can tweet questions to @TeamTurboTax and get free answers from a team of tax, tech and product experts to help make tax time easier.

TurboTax said it created @TurboTax in response to the growing use of Twitter by its customers.

@TeamTurboTax will cover everything from tax matters to product questions and technical support, the team will answer product questions, troubleshoot problems, and resolve customer service issues.


"People are increasingly going online to file their taxes. Now they can just as easily go online to get answers from @TeamTurboTax on Twitter," said Scott Gulbransen, lead for @TeamTurboTax.

"This expands the options people have to get answers - whether it's on Twitter, on the Web or on the phone."
Twitter users can also follow the site to see what questions have previously been asked and answered.

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