Tumblr Breaks Into comScore's Top 50 Websites


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comScore has just released its top 50 ranking for web properties in the U.S. for the month of April, and microblogging platform Tumblr earned a spot in the field, coming in at #47, with roughly 23.5 million unique visitors.


According to its site, Tumblr currently hosts 56.9 million blogs with 23.7 billion posts, all handled by 105 employees. The NYC-based company was founded in 2007, and interestingly places itself at #12 on the internet, with 16,124,006,400 average monthly hits, contrary to comScore's April report. Same difference - Tumblr is popular.

The comScore report, based on data from its Media Metrix service, puts Google Sites on top, with roughly 189 million unique hits. Microsoft and Yahoo! are almost tied for the #2 spot, while Facebook, AOL and Amazon round out the top six.

Somehow MySpace, which presently resembles a non-functional, dadaistic collage compiled by a mandrill, was able to garner 36 million hits in April. In the fall of 2011, MySpace owner Justin Timberlake told MTV news “I don't have anything on my plate other than think-tanking a lot of different ideas for MySpace, which doesn't require a lot of my literally being present - I can come up with ideas on the golf course. I can come up with ideas on a mountain while I'm snowboarding." Makes a bit of sense.