Tulsa Tower Guy Fascinates Twitter and Facebook

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Right now, as of 5 pm EST, William Sturdivant II is currently 300 feet in the air, clinging to a Clear Channel Radio tower. Police are still unclear as to the young man's motivations, all they know is that he doesn't want to come down.

According to Oklahoma's News On 6, he has been in the tower since Thursday morning, a total of 127 hours

Sturdivant has climbed up and down the tower, but has never made it more than halfway down since Thursday. He has somehow managed to sleep a few hours, but has had little food or water in 6 days. Yesterday morning he asked for some Whataburger and Oreos & milk.

He denies that he is planning on jumping, reportedly saying that "there is no such thing as suicide." Apparently, he just says he would rather we in the tower than "down there."

Is this a statement of individuality? A critique on an overly-simplistic, monotonous world? Is he just crazy?

Whatever the case, he has captured the attention of the internet. He has his own Facebook page called "Tower Guy," where he has amassed over 4,200 likes. On the page, people are discussing the action as it unfolds in real time. Right now, a negotiator has been sent up to Tower Guy in a bucket to try to talk him off the tower.

The Facebook community is debating whether or not "Bucket Guy" will succeed.

Tower GuyBucket Guy should have brought up a hamburger, beers and a lady. Tower Guy would already be chillin in the bucket.

Twitter is talking about him as well, and apparently the people over at Fox News are captivated -

The entire staff is watching this live feed on @FoxNews of the guy coming down from the radio tower in Tulsa, OK. 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

is anyone else NOT getting work done because they are watching the Tulsa tower guy? 1 hour ago via Pixelpipe · powered by @socialditto

$20 to the first person to successfully toss a Twitter-ready device up to the Tulsa tower guy... 2 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

You can watch a live stream of Tulsa Tower Guy here.

Why do you think he's in the tower? And when do you think police will get him down? Let us know in the comments

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