TSU Shooting Leaves One Dead, Northern Arizona University Shooting Kills One

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Friday's TSU shooting left one person dead and another wounded, while the killer remains at large.

It was Friday morning at Texas Southern University when three suspects approached the victims in a student housing parking lot and opened fire.

TSU President John Rudley said the student who died was a freshman at the university. His name has not been released, pending notification of his family.

"He was a beautiful young man trying to get his life together," Rudley said. "I wish he was still here."

Two suspects have been detained, but the third--believed to be the killer--hasn't been apprehended. All involved are TSU students.

John Rudley spoke out about the easy access to guns.

"This is becoming too regular," he said.

The campus was on lockdown and classes were cancelled following the TSU shooting. The lockdown has since been lifted.

The TSU shooting took place shortly after another deadly shooting at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. A fight quickly escalated into a shooting near a fraternity house. One person is dead and three others were wounded. A freshman, 18-year-old Steven Jones, has been charged with first degree murder and three felony counts of aggravated assault.

Freshman Colin Brough was killed in the Arizona shooting.

“We awake this morning to a terrible tragedy,” university president Rita Cheng said at a news conference. Cheng called the shooting “an isolated and unprecedented incident.”

Both the TSU shooting and the shooting at Northern Arizona University took place at the same time President Barack Obama was visiting Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon where nine people died in a classroom shooting last week.

Two non-fatal shooting incidents have also been reported at TSU in recent weeks.

It is unfathomable how parents feel safe sending their kids off to college these days. These tragedies are increasing at an alarming rate.

What's your take on how incidents like today's TSU shooting and Northern Arizona University shooting, as well as last week's tragedy at Umpqua Community College can be prevented?

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