Trump to Zuckerberg: "Get a Pre-Nup!"


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Donald Trump was on the Squawk Box this morning. In it he talked about how banking regulations are hurting the system; he also talked about some of the problems in Mexico right now. But he also weighed in on Mark Zuckerberg and what he needs to do in terms of a pre-nup when he gets married.

Here's my question... but Mark Zuckerberg is going to be worth like $18, $19 billion. Does he marry his girlfriend? And if he does, does he get a pre-nuptial agreement?... He's got this lovely girlfriend, I'm sure she's lovely. They get married, and she sues him for $10 billion. In New York, she gets a big chunk of what he has. So I'm just curious who is doing Zuckerberg's pre-nup and when. And I want to have a look at it.

Sorkin asked what amount the pre-nup should be for, Donald answered.
I'm notoriously cheap with these things... if she made $1 million, that would be good.

Trump was asked about a post-nup:
Forget it, post-nups don't work. It's called pre-nup or nothing.

[hat tip: Business Insider]