True Tori: Tori And Dean Fight Over A Potato

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Tori and Dean have had a lot of fights during their marriage and especially now that Dean has admitted to cheating on Tori.

While some of the fights and arguments are merited, the recent fight over a baked potato that took place on the couple’s reality show True Tori, is just ridiculous. It also shows just how much pressure Tori and Dean are under and how the smallest thing can set Tori off.

The couple was enjoying an evening at home with their children when Tori decided to make dinner, including baked potatoes.

While she was preparing the potatoes, both the kids and Dean got impatient and Dean decided to show Tori a faster way to make them.

Tori didn’t want Dean’s help and the argument broke out.

"I'm only trying to help," said Dean

Tori then told Dean that she didn't appreciate the fact that he thinks she can’t even make a baked potato.

The couple then continued to argue over their relationship and Dean finally asked the question everyone is wondering,

“Why are you even with me?”

This isn’t the first time Dean has asked Tori this during a fight on the show. Tori wants to fix their marriage and wants to forget about the affair, but she still harbors a lot of hate and disgust for Dean and can’t get over it.

Tori doesn’t give Dean an answer but she later tells producers her reasons for staying in the relationship.

"When there's children involved, you look at a relationship differently than you would if there were no children," Tori explains. "And I think every woman would agree with that."

Do you think Tori and Dean will be able to save their marriage?

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