“True Blood” Season 6: Will Sookie Become a Vampire?

Ultimatums in relationships are never ideal, but I don’t believe anyone has received one quite like Sookie Stackhouse did on Sunday’s episode of True Blood: become vampire or your vampire friends will die.

Season six has found another vampire being in love with Sookie. This time, he’s Warlow, a half-vampire/half-fairy, which apparently still makes his blood as tasty to vampires as Sookie’s. She too seems to have feelings for him, but Warlow was promised Sookie as a lifetime partner. The vampire/fairy hybrid has been in love with her and patiently waiting for her for around 6,000 years. Isn’t that just romantic?

This season, all the vampires (minus Bill) have been captured and are awaiting possible persecution at Vamp Camp. Until then, they’re being tested in different ways to let the Louisiana Vampire Task Force (LAVTF) understand them well enough to defeat them and end the vampire race.

Since drinking Lillith’s blood, Bill has been having visions, and now he sees the lot of main vampires meeting the sun, the “true death.” After understanding and experiencing what fairy blood can do for vampires, Bill asks Sookie to bring Warlow to him so the vampires may drink his fairy blood, and not meet the “true death.”

Because Sookie wants to save her friends, she goes to Warlow, and as much as he hates Bill, he agrees to do it, only if Sookie will let him turn her into a vampire and spend eternity with him. What’s a girl to do? Become a vampire and save her friends, or stay human and let her friends die?

Grieving since his sister Nora’s death, Eric is determined to save the vampires from Vamp Camp himself because he doesn’t trust Bill. He hopes to find Warlow, but instead, finds Adilyn, Andy Bellefleur’s fairy daughter, and drinks some of her blood.

For those who are fans of Alcide, he’s back to being a nice guy. Returning Nicole, Sam’s new lady love, and her mother to Sam.

And speaking of Nicole, apparently she’s pregnant with Sam’s baby. She doesn’t even know herself, but both Sam and Alcide could smell Sam’s scent on her.

After being put into the general vampire population by Sarah Newlin, Jason has found himself belonging to a very assertive vampire, Violet.

Sarah has gone crazier than imagined, killing the woman who runs the True Blood company after she inadvertently finds out about Hep V in the True Blood.

The episode ends with Sookie taking Bill to Warlow, but when they arrive, they see that someone has already gotten to him. He is drained of so much blood and Sookie wonders aloud who did it. Bill responds with, “Eric.”

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