TripAdvisor Introduces Airline Ratings To Flight Search

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TripAdvisor said today it has introduced airline ratings to its flight search engine.

The new feature allows users to view feedback on airline experiences from other fliers and offer their own airline ratings.




When users do a flight search on TripAdvisor Flights, they can view and compare ratings for different airlines by clicking on the carrier name and seeing what percentage of fliers would recommend the airline to others.

TripAdvisor has also introduced a Fees Estimator that helps people know the complete cost of a flight, including fees for checked bags, in-flight entertainment and onboard meals and drinks, in their flight search results.

“With the launch of airline ratings, the millions of travelers who use TripAdvisor Flights every month will now be able to get useful feedback on how airlines stack up against each other in terms of fees, value for the money, service, punctuality, baggage handling and a number of other factors to help ensure they have the best flight possible,”said Bryan Saltzburg, general manager of TripAdvisor Flights.