Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

When it comes to the fast paced technology world, it is important to keep up. Learn more about trends in cloud computing below. ...
Latest Trends in Cloud Computing
Written by Brian Wallace
  • With modern technologies like the cloud, news around them can move so fast that it’s difficult to really keep track of what’s going on. To those who are deeply invested in such news or those who might be interested in what such developments mean for their business, it’s easier to be incentivized to keep up. However, even then, having a general idea of what’s going on with the cloud right now can help. Running your eyes over the latest trends in cloud computing can let you know where you are and help you focus on your next goal.

    AI-Powered Technology

    It’s difficult to talk about current technological trends without mentioning artificial intelligence in one form or another. Cloud computing is no exception, and with its malleability and flexibility, it’s no surprise that these technologies have some form of overlap. With the cloud often aiming to provide users the most efficient experience possible, incorporating machine learning into that process simply allows for an even more efficient system, especially when big names like Amazon and Google have their own AI infrastructure to apply to their cloud systems. This could potentially be something that bolsters cloud technology even further, only making it more appealing to businesses.

    Safety and Security

    One of the biggest draws of the cloud for businesses has always been the prospect of security. It’s much harder to lose your data and information when it’s backed up in the cloud. With the cloud providing more opportunities than ever before, this has meant that more and more businesses have begun to incorporate it into their operations to some degree. Naturally, this has made these businesses targets of malicious online threats, and that means that making cloud services more secure than ever before has been on the minds of providers. 

    In order to thrive in as many different industries and areas as cloud computing finds itself, it needs to be something that’s thought of as reliable. Various cloud data protection review pages go into greater detail about what this specifically means when it comes to topics like data protection, but when the cloud is reaching mass consumerism through avenues like gaming, it needs to be a method that is able to offer consistent security.

    The Next Step for Streaming Services

    As mentioned, cloud gaming is undoubtedly becoming more popular. Sony’s upcoming release of a handheld cloud gaming device in the form of Project Q highlights this. What’s arguably more interesting, however, is how streaming services like Netflix are approaching gaming. Platforms that are known for streaming are branching out into cloud gaming, and it seems like a natural fit for them that people are excited for. While it’s still a move that’s in its early days, it looks to be the direction that Netflix is going in. With streaming platforms readily accessible through consoles already, it’s yet to be seen whether this will fare better here or through technology like smart TVs, therefore bringing gaming to households that might not have other ways of accessing it on the same level.

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