Transformers Are Now Real Courtesy Of Japan

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Ever since I was a kid, I've had somewhat of a fascination with Transformers. While I may have been more of a G.I. Joe fan, Transformers at least made me think. How could a robot twist and turn like that to become a humanoid after being a truck just seconds before? I passed it off as being impossible and turned my brain off as I watched the Autobots kicking the Decepticons' collective asses.

It appears that I may have jumped the gun though as an Intrepid Japanese inventor has created what may be the first autonomous Transformer. This isn't some cheap gimmick or trick of the camera. What we have here is a fully functional transforming robot that goes from car to humanoid robot.

According to the video, the robot if fully functional with 22 motors that power its movements. Those motors power an amazing array of movements from walking to full on punching power. This little guy even pulls off a massive uppercut that would shatter a Decepticon's jaw.

The video says that this is version 8 of the robot with version 9 coming soon. That means that there are at least seven of these robot prototypes lying around. I think we all know what this means: Hasbro needs to hire this guy as their new toy lead. I haven't purchased a Transformers toy in years after what Michael Bay did to the franchise, but I would buy one of these in an instant.

Check out the video yourself and tell us what you think:

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