Tracy Morgan Gets Hitched To Megan Wollover A Year After Surviving Car Crash

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Tracy Morgan is indeed, one happy man. A year after he survived a highway crash, Morgan has finally married his fiancée Megan Wollover in Cresskill, Sunday night.

The couple's 2-year-old daughter Maven was also present at the wedding ceremony.

In an interview, Wollover told People, "After almost losing Tracy last year, I am so grateful to finally be married to the love of my life." The intimate wedding was attended by their close friends and family. Morgan was seriously injured in the accident that happened on June 7, 2014. A tractor-trailer owned by Walmart slammed into his limousine on the Jersey Turnpike. His friend and mentor, comedian, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, was killed instantly. Morgan got a broken leg, broken ribs and a broken nose as a result of the accident. He told People magazine that he is doing great with his therapy because of a certain goal. "I don't want to walk my wife down the aisle with a cane or in a wheelchair. So I had to go hard with the therapy," he told the magazine in June.

The comedian’s determination paid off as he was able to walk without a cane supporting him. Wollover said she is excited to see their future together as a married couple and that she feels blessed to be able to spend the rest of her life with Morgan. She is positive that their love has become stronger after all that happened.

Morgan told Today show host Matt Lauer that it was very fortunate Wollover and their daughter did not attend the Delaware show at the time. The baby was teething so Wollover had made a last-minute decision to stay behind.

Tracy Morgan is also set to return to Saturday Night Live. He will be hosting the show on Oct.17 according to NBC.

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