Track Mark Zuckerberg's IPO Reward in Real-Time

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Considering how Friday's world is revolving around Facebook's IPO, is there anything more fitting than watching Mark Zuckerberg's incredible worth fluctuate as Facebook's stock prices raise and occasionally lower? Thanks to an embeddable widget from the Wall Street Journal, you can now live vicariously through Zuckerberg's apparently unending wealth.

As of this writing, Zuckerberg's total worth is hovering near the $20 billion mark. In light of that massive financial windfall, it's hard not to wonder if Facebook's CEO will give reward those that made him so financially viable. No, I'm not talking about his programmers and developers. I'm talking about the only thing Facebook has that's worth selling: its members. Without his 900 million-plus Facebook members, that $19 billion would be reduced.

A lot.

It should be noted that, as pointed out by Richard, Zuckerberg sold a little over 30 million shares, meaning he netted a cool $1.15 billion for a day's work. I believe we could qualify those terms as "acceptable." Others on Twitter noticed Zuck's incredible financial windfall as well:

Is it just me or is Mark Zuckerberg one acid-facial industrial accident away from turning supervillain?
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Facebook went public today and sold 82 million shares in the first 30 seconds. Projectin Mark Zuckerberg will make $20 billion today! #bank
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Close, but not quite. In other news, apparently, the allure of billions of dollars hasn't changed Zuckerberg. At least not yet:

From Pizza dough to Facebook IPO: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is a familiar face at Pinocchio's Pizza in Harvard,...
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Groupies showed up, too:

Facebook Still the most Valuable and profitable American company. Blow Wow Mark Zuckerberg why you no come breed me, I wanna have your Baby
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I wonder how many "friends" and long-lost "relatives" have tried to get in touch with the Boy Wonder Billionaire?

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