TowerFall Ascension Launches On PS4 Today

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The Ouya may have not been the console gaming savior is was hyped up as, but it did provide us with a couple of unique games. Perhaps its most notable game was TowerFall - a 4-player competitive game much like Super Smash Bros. but with one hit kills. Now the game has made its way to the PS4 with some new features.

Matt Makes Games announced that TowerFall Ascension will be out on the PS4 today. This new version of the game features the same 4-player competitive that made the Ouya version a big hit, but it also includes a single-player campaign called Quest mode.

Quest mode will have players working their way through the tower by themselves - or with a friend - as they take down enemies and enormous bosses. The game's core mechanic of methodical arrow-based combat is carried over into the campaign so players will have to remain cautious as a misplaced shot will leave them open.

Alongside the PS4 release, TowerFall Ascension will also be available on the PC today.

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