Tornadoes Photo-Bomb Wedding Pictures

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Usually when we hear the words "photo-bomb", we think of drunken frat boys or a douchey guy in a bar who thinks he's a thousand times more hilarious than he really is. Rarely do we think of a force of nature, let alone two of them; yet that's exactly what newlyweds Caleb and Candra Pence got when two twisters rolled across the background of their wedding photos.

The nuptials took place in Harper County, Kansas, where tornadoes are fairly commonplace. As veterans of the chaos the midwest skies can create, the families of the bride and groom weren't worried about the twisters even as they watched them form before the wedding began. The groom--who is active in the world of rodeo--says he wasn't too worried about it.

"I've lived in Kansas my whole life. I've been around a lot of tornados and I knew we weren't in any danger. They were moving away from us," said Pence.

Luckily the wedding photographer moved quickly to snap the shots before rain could ruin things, and now the couple has a memento of the day that will set the tone for the rest of their lives.

"The pictures really bring out our personalities actually," Caleb said. "I think God planned for this because it matches both of our personalities. The rodeo community is wild and outgoing and fun. And it sure was wild and fun."

Image credit: Cate Eighmey Photography)

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