Tornado Made Of Fire Might Be The Coolest Thing You See Today

Amanda CrumLife

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A rare "firenado" was spotted by a filmmaker in Australia recently, and he caught the whole thing on camera--about 40 minutes worth of funneled fury.

Chris Tangey said the phenomenon "didn't even look real" and that he knew he was capturing something big as he filmed it.

"I knew within 30 seconds that this was a very unique event, probably globally, making the sound of a jet engine. It just didn't even look real to us," Tangey said. "I've never seen anything so big; move so quickly in my life. It was awe-inspiring absolutely, and it is something I never expect to see again."

The event is so rare because it takes intense, high-level ground winds mixing with fire to form a firenado. Have a look at the video below.

Amanda Crum
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