Tori Spelling Sees Ex, Says He's A "Good Man"

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Tori Spelling met with her ex-husband recently in the midst of her marriage troubles with Dean McDermott, and after the visit she returned home to face the issues at hand.

Spelling and McDermott were both married to other people when they met and had an affair with one another, and now she says she regrets cheating on Charlie Shanian. On a new episode of True Tori, she talks about her feelings with McDermott.

"I regret the way we handled things obviously. He's a good man," she told her husband.

When Dean asked, "Does seeing him and remembering what a good man he was bring up more anger towards me and resentment for what I did?" she replied, "A little bit".

McDermott allegedly had an affair recently with a woman while he was filming Chopped Canada, and now he and Tori are going through therapy together while documenting the process on True Tori. Spelling, who only recently saw the other woman for the first time in a magazine, says that while she doesn't find her attractive, that's part of a bigger issue.

“Oh god, I’m devastated. Am I a bitch if I say I think she’s unattractive? In my mind she looks like an Amish woman from the 1800s,” she said. “Before this, I would never have felt threatened by that girl.’ I’d be like, ‘My husband would never,’ but now all bets are off. It could be anyone.”

Amanda Crum
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