Tori Spelling Says She Might Be Pregnant


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Tori Spelling's reality show True Tori is coming back and the trailer for the first episode has viewers excited for the show. Tori and Dean have been going through a lot lately. Dean cheated on Tori and although it took Tori a long time to admit that the rumors were true, she is allegedly angry with Dean and crying about their failing marriage constantly.

Dean and Tori decided to try to work things out and save their marriage and while they have tried to put on a happy face for the outside world, sources close to them say that Tori is still not taking things well. According to Radar Online, Tori and Dean fight all the time and Tori is always crying and mad at him.

Dean has even asked Tori why she wants to be with him.

The trailer shows how strange the couple's relationship has gotten and while rumors claim that the couple is not happy together, the trailer suggests that they must have made up at some point because at the end of the trailer a crying Tori says that she might be pregnant.

The couple already has four children together and under different circumstances, they would probably be excited to welcome another baby into their lives.

Since the couple can't seem to get along and Tori can't decide if she is really willing to forgive Dean and move on, now is not the best time for another baby.

Tori will reveal later in the season if she is really pregnant or just had a pregnancy scare, but either way the trailer seems to have everybody ready to watch the new season of True Tori.