Too Many People Are Dropping Their iPhones Into Toilets

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How many of you have broken an iPhone? The existence of repair services like iFixit seems to indicate that mobile devices break easily and frequently. A lot of us just aren't careful when handling surprisingly fragile gadgetry. That's not to say that we're always off guard. It just may be that we're cautious in all the wrong areas.

A recent study from Squaretrade, an electronics warranty service, found that a lot of people aren't careful with their iPhones when they're at home. In fact, 51 percent of all iPhone accidents happen in or around the home. It's here where you feel safest, and you probably let your guard down enough to have your iPhone fall into the sink.

Speaking of sinks, 21 percent of all accidents happen in the kitchen. Following closely behind in second place, 18 percent of all accidents happen in the living room. Rounding out the top three is the bathroom where 16 percent of all accidents happen.

Some of the most prevalent dangers threatening iPhones around the home is water. In fact, 5 percent of iPhone owners have left the device in the washer. Another nine percent have admitted to dropping their phone in the toilet. The latter statistic makes perfect sense as many users reported in a previous survey that they must take their phones into the bathroom with them.

As for liquid abuse, water is the main aggressor as 43 percent of all accidents involve H2O. The rest of the liquid aggressors in order are soda, beer and a combination of coffee and tea. I don't know if that says iPhone users drink mostly water, or if they're just more careful around other liquids.

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