Tonsil Surgery Tragedy: Brain-Dead Diagnosis Fought

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"Is this normal?" asked Nailah Winkfield over and over as her daughter sat in a bloody hospital gown holding a cup full of blood.

An Oakland television station tells us of Nailah Winkfield, a woman facing one of the hardest decisions of a mother's life. After a routine tonsillectomy gone tragically wrong, Winkfield's 13-year-old daughter is now declared to be brain-dead by doctors after losing an extreme amount of blood hours after surgery.

What happened to Jahi McMath? No one is quite sure, and her family wants more light shed on the subject before giving up completely. Although the doctors at the Children's Hospital Oakland have declared her brain-dead and wish to discontinue life support as is protocol, attorney Christopher Dolan has won more time with assertions that Jahi has shown enough signs of life to warrant further investigation-- but from doctors independent of the Children's Hospital.

According to one doctor not related to the case, it is common for a family to reject a diagnosis of brain death. The family's attorney, however, states that "there is mistrust and there is a conflict of interest" concerning this entire ordeal. Understandably so-- Jahi McMath's loved ones are suddenly left with an unconscious child after only receiving what was supposed to have been a routine procedure.

Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo granted Jahi McMath's family more time Friday with the hopes that a resolution can be found by Christmas. Right now, the family is asking for a peace of mind and some clarity, and hopefully they will receive it.

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