Toni Collette Shaves Head For New Role

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Toni Collette has gone from long blonde locks to almost completely bald.

The Australian actress showed off her shaved head yesterday for a photo call in London. The new do is for an upcoming film called Miss You Already. The 41-year-old plays a patient suffering from breast cancer in the movie.

During the photo call, Collette was all smiles with co-star Drew Barrymore. The two ladies play best friends in the film.

Miss You Already is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Twilight). The film is currently in production and should hit theaters in 2015.

Here's the synopsis of the movie written by Front Row Film Entertainment and posted on

Milly and Jess have been best friends forever. They've shared everything since they were kids - secrets, clothes, laughs, substances, boyfriends... now they are trying to be grown-ups. Milly has a high-flying job and lives in a beautiful townhouse with husband Kit and their two kids. Jess is a town planner and she and her boyfriend Jago live on a bohemian houseboat on a London canal. Their friendship is as rock solid as ever. That is until Jess struggles to have a much longed-for baby and Milly finds out she has breast cancer.

This isn't the first time that Collette has shaved her head, in fact she's previously gone bald five different times. She explained her affinity for a shaved head in an interview with The Wall Street Journal last March, "I had great time in my twenties. Your twenties are extreme. I was working a lot, I was bouncing around the planet, I was living out of a suitcase, I was playing different characters, meeting different people. And just also growing and learning."

"And just very basically, shaving your head feels good. I did it once for a friend’s fashion show in London, and I did it in a Peter Greenaway film. The first time I did it, I turned 25 in Mexico and I walked past the barber shop and that was that. And I did it like three days after meeting my husband just to see if he could handle it."

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