Tongue Patch Diet Latest Beverly Hills Fad

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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Nikolas Chugay has come up with a way to lose up to 30 pounds in one month...if you don't mind excruciating pain and embarrassing side effects.

Called the "tongue patch diet", it involves having a plastic patch sewn onto your tongue so that eating is too painful to bear, forcing the wearer to go on a liquid-only diet. The patch itself is made from the same material Hula Hoops are made from.

Yes, it all sounds glamorous, but what are the side effects? Loss of sleep, inability to speak properly, tongue swelling, and the possibility that the patch may start to integrate itself into the tongue after 30 days, creating a monster plastic-muscle hybrid. Sign me up!

“Under the direct supervision of Dr. Chugay and his staff, the patient is put on an easy to follow liquid diet, fulfilling all of their nutritional needs while at the same time minimizing caloric intake and maximizing weight loss results,” Dr. Chugay’s official website says.

Chugay says that while he offers the surgery for an affordable $2,000, he's only performed it on about 60 women. The procedure is exploding in Venezuela, however, where one plastic surgery center boasts over 900 clients a month.

"Venezuelans are very beauty-conscious," said Giovanni Sosa, who works at another practice in Caracas. "So when we offer something that shows concrete results, people will put that before its extreme nature."


Amanda Crum
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