Tommy Lee Jones Meme Probably Fails to Impress Tommy Lee Jones

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When Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig performed one of the better pre-award schticks of last night's Golden Globes, most people in the audience seemed to enjoy it. Ferrell and Wiig's bit had the two attempting to describe the nominated movies in their category - although it was obvious that neither of them had really seen the movies. At least that was the bit.

Cue an audience shot. It's Tommy Lee Jones. And he's not entertained. Or maybe he is, but it's just how he shows his amusement.

Either way, this image of Jones is now part of the rich meme history of the interwebs after it blew up on Twitter:


Or, if you prefer the GIF:


And thus the "Tommy Lee Jones is not impressed" meme is born.

You can check out the moment that birthed the meme below (at around 3:30).

It was arguably one of the best moments from the entire show - at least the best one not involving a Tina Fey/Amy Poehler joke. Grumpy Tommy Lee Jones, we love you.

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