Tom Selleck Talks Tom Clancy and Magnum P.I.


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Tom Selleck who nearly became synonymous with the word "mustache" in the 1980's recently spoke about dreams to bring the show that made him big onto the big screen itself.

The handsome sixty-eight-year-old actor revealed that the late beloved author, Tom Clancy, was considering completing a script for the popular Magnum P.I. television series that ran in the 1980's.

Tom Selleck was recently interviewed by Yahoo! TV prior to Tom Clancy's untimely death where Tom Selleck spoke about the potential to take Magnum P.I. to the big screen.

"It's been a weird progression with Magnum. Tom Clancy is a huge Magnum fan. In the early '90s, he'd done a couple of wildly successful movie adaptations of his books. We got together, and I went to Universal, and I said 'It's time we could do a series of feature films.' They were very interested, and I had Tom, who wanted to do the story, and I had this package put together, but Universal's the only studio that could make it, and they went through three ownership changes in the '90s, and I think that was the real window for Magnum," Tom Selleck said who is shown in the following image during the height of his popularity in 1988.

Tom Selleck said that he is doubtful of being cast in the movie based around the popular television series, in the event that one ever materializes by the studio. "If they did a Magnum movie, I think it's been pretty clear — because I've heard rumors there were scripts and all — I don't think they see me doing it," Tom said.

After watching the following intro to Magnum P.I. can anyone honestly think of an actor who could replace Tom Selleck and fill the shoes of the suave Miami private investigator?

Tom did speak passionately about the show's transcendence and continued support from fans. "I do know that Hollywood and feature films has a tendency to buy a TV title, spend $150 million on it, and put big explosions in it and make fun of it, and that will not work with Magnum. We still have a huge following," Mr. Selleck said.

Thankfully fans of the actor, himself, can still get their mustache-watching fix and catch Tom Selleck on the show Blue Bloods on CBS at 10 p.m. Friday.

[Images Via Wikimedia Commons/ Main Picture Courtesy of U.S. Military & 1988 Picture Courtesy of Alan Light]