Tom Cruise Is Set To Star In "Go Like Hell"


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Tom Cruise is set to team up with the director of Oblivion once again for an upcoming film called Go Like Hell. Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski worked together on the film Oblivion which opened earlier this year, receiving mixed reactions from critics as a summer blockbuster.

The new film will be presented by 20th Century Fox, and center on the world of racing. The film is based on the book Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, And Their Battle For Speed And Glory At Le Mans, which was written by A.J. Baime.

The book tells the story of the decision by Henry Ford II when he went against Enzo Ferrari's dominance on the Le Mans track in 1966.

Ford ended up challenging Ferrari with a car that was designed by Caroll Shelby, a racer-turned-car designer. Shelby will be played by Cruise in the film, and filming will begin after he finishes his work on Mission: Impossible 5.

Cruise has had an interesting career over the years, being scrutinized in the public eye first for his marriage to Nicole Kidman and then Katie Holmes, who he split up with just over a year ago. His involvement with Scientology has given him a lot of criticism as well.

In addition to his complicated personal life, he has had a successful career as a popular film star including several big-budget films, as well as his earlier hits such as Risky Business and Top Gun. His iconic role as Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible series has also gained him much of his popularity. He is set to star in the upcoming thriller Edge of Tomorrow, which will be released on June 6, 2013.

Whether Go Like Hell will be another success for Tom Cruise or a flop like some of his others is still to be determined, however he has been in a racing film before, as many of his fans already know. Days of Thunder was very successful, with him playing a race car driver, and a supporting cast that included Robert Duvall and Randy Quaid.

While the new film from Tom Cruise will not be released any time soon, keep your eyes out for an exciting new film, in the future.

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