Tom Cruise Fights Aliens in First 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer


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With the mild success of this year's Oblivion behind him, Tom Cruise is now set to star in yet another summer sci-fi thriller.

Edge of Tomorrow will star Cruise as Bill Cage, a rookie soldier thrown into battle with an alien force that has invaded the Earth. Cage falls in battle and the finds himself in a time loop (think Groundhog Day). Living the same battles over-and-over, Cage improves his combat skills with the help of a special forces soldier named Rita Vrataski, played by Emily Blunt.

The premise of the movie sounds like a solid sci-fi tale, and should provide fans with plenty of Tom Cruise death scenes. The first trailer for the movie was released today and shows that the movie will have plenty of action, gunfire, and explosions for the summer crowd when the movie is released on June 6, 2014: