Toddler Found With Heroin In His Jacket


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Workers at a child-care center called Michael’s Energy Center in Paterson, New Jersey made a shocking discovery when they went to help a two-year-old take off his coat.

Inside the little boy's jacket was 48 packets of heroin that had been stashed there by his father. The worker immediately called the police and informed them about the heroin and explained that the boy's father had been the one to bring him in to daycare that day.

The father was revealed as Phillip Young, 27, and was arrested on Monday. He is currently being held on $85,000 bail, according to Paterson Police Lieutenant Bert Ribeiro. Young is currently being charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Police do not think that the child knew the drugs were in his jacket.

Parents of other children that were attending the daycare were outraged that the health and safety of their children had been compromised by Young's ignorant act. They were also frustrated that the daycare center did not immediately tell them what had happened, and most of them had to find out from the news.

"My daughter picks stuff up off the floor and puts it in her mouth thinking it's candy," a parent told reporters. "The same thing could have happened here. It's sad that we didn't even get one phone call to let know what's going on," the mother continued. "I have the right to know."


Image via Wikimedia Commons