Tish Cyrus Supports Miley Completely


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If you were wondering where Miley learned her bad behavior, all you would have to do is watch her mother in action. Those who don't agree with the way Miley acts or dresses likely wonder why her mother hasn't stepped in by now. Even if Miley is 20, most mother would not approve of their daughter acting in such a way. According to Miley, her mother Tish Cyrus, is her biggest supporter and would never tell her to stop or stand in her way of doing what she wants to do.

"My mom is my homie." "If I win, she wins. Not because she's my manager -- because she's my mom." Miley said during an interview.

Although Tish is supportive of Miley, she sometimes seems more like a friend to Miley instead of a parent. By now, Miley and Tish are used to criticism and both has the opportunity to defend their relationship in the MTV documentary Miley Cyrus: The Movement. Tish said "Anyone that's ever said, 'Where's her mother?'" "Right beside her—through good, through bad, through arguments, through crying, through I don't care what—right there."

The mother and daughter recently posed for a picture before Miley's appearance on the Today Show. Tish did her daughter's signature pose and stuck out her tongue while Miley decided to switch things up a little bit and keep her tongue in her mouth for once, opting for a fish face instead.

Regardless of how the world feels about her mother or the way she dresses, dances, sings or acts, Miley has been doing pretty well or herself lately. She recently released her new album "Bangerz.." To celebrate, Miley hit the town in a pink bra and high waist skirt. She reportedly made out with several guys and even a girl during her celebration but left alone. Miley has been shocking fans lately with her new look and wild behavior. Even though Tish seems to be fine with it, many are worried that she may be headed down a dangerous path.

Image from US Magazine.