Tis The Weekend For Happy Mother's Day Wishes


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In the United States, Mother's Day is being celebrated this Sunday, May 13. While folks rush out and buy flowers, cards, and candy, some other, more creative folks are using web video to get their message across. It's certainly the day and age for that sort of thing.

The first offering is a video called "Thank You Mom," and it's a Vimeo creation, courtesy of Michael Marantz. To get the content, Marantz went around New York with his camera, asking people if they'd like to volunteer their feelings of gratitude for the matriarchs. According to the filmmaker, the responses were great:

...some unexpected, some adorable, all brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks Reggie Watts for being in the video. I would be so grateful for all of you to share this video on Facebook and tag your mom or one you know in the post. My goal is to make many moms happy!

Judging by the video, Marantz succeeded very well:

You can share your collective "aww" in the comments.

The next video is another supercut, courtesy of Flavorwire. This time, featuring some of the best advice moms have given. TV moms, to be specific. Considering some of the shows that are represented in this video -- Cosby Show, Arrested Development, The Sopranos, and The Wire, there's no telling what kind of motherly wisdom you'll find here. With that in mind, it's probably advisable for you to ignore the bulk of it:

Hey, at least scenes from Mommy Dearest didn't show up, because nothing says motherly love like beating the hell out of your children with a wire hanger.