Tippy the Squirrel Gains Internet Fame


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We've all had those moments. One minute you're drinking and having a grand ol' time with your pals, and the next minute you find yourself tumbling head-first to the ground. After expelling the spirits, though, we're back on our feet and ready to drink some more. In essence, it sort of looks like this:

On November 25, 2013, YouTube user Honor Via uploaded this video of a squirrel (whom he named Tippy for apparent reasons) struggling to stay upright for more than a few seconds. The video was hidden to the internet due to pre and post Thanksgiving hibernation, but has gained immense popularity over the weekend.

So much popularity, in fact, that people are now debating why the squirrel exhibits the actions it does. On Reddit, the comments for this video showcase multiple theories, ranging from the squirrel being drunk from eating fermented fruit to the squirrel being affected by parasitic worms in its brain causing balance issues to the ever favorite theory that the squirrel suffers from Myotonia Congenita, or the "fainting disease."

Which brings us to the most important question that stems from this video: Which animal is the cutest "fainting" animal? Here are the contestants:

1) Goats

Goats are perhaps the most well-known fainting animal. Heck, they've even had a National Geographic special aired about their condition. What makes the goat-faint so appealing is how they roll over after they faint due to their momentum.

2) Rusty the Dog

While the video looks like it is shot during the 1980's, one cannot deny how cute and funny it is to see a little weiner-dog fall an entire 2 inches to the ground due to his narcolepsy.

3) Kittens

Kittens are universally thought of as the internet's cutest creatures, so they have an inherent advantage. This particular video doubles the fun, though, by giving us not 1, but 2! fainting kittens.

4) Fawn

For some reason, this Bambi faints after being fed. And faints hard. While this fainting-fawn may be cute, the impact of this faint is a little upsetting.

5) Human

The wild-card of the group is the fainting-human. The man in this video hopes to being awareness to Myotonia Congenita and show how it can impact humans and not only goats. Due to the serious nature of the video, perhaps it doesn't belong in the "cute" contest. But, there is a reason why the word schadenfreude exists...

What do you think, folks? Who is the cutest "fainter?" Let us know in the comments section below.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]