Tip: Pay Your Child Support Before Posting Photos of All Your Cash on Facebook

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If you're a deadbeat dad and looking to stay off the child support radar, it may be wise to refrain from posting pics of yourself rolling in cash on Facebook. Or, you could just pay your child support.

But if you're not going to pay up, please understand that your Facebook photos are public, and that investigators are most likely checking them in order to build a case against you.

This story comes from Milwaukee, where a 23-year-old man is facing three felony counts of failure to pay child support. And it isn't looking too good for him after some specific Facebook photos emerged.

Christopher Robinson is facing up to 11 years in prison, and Facebook photos he posted showing him posing with cash and bottle of booze aren't helping.

Although Deputy District Attorney in the case Kent Lovern won't speak on pending cases, he did tell ABC News that Facebook is becoming a much more useful aid in these types of investigations.

“Facebook has become a repository for information that we may not...know about," he says.

If the office gets a complaint on failure to pay child support, Facebook can then be tapped to help the investigation. Upon judge's orders, the DA can have access to the Facebook profile and find any damning evidence - photos or otherwise.

“It is an investigative tool,” says Lovern. “It can be effective in assisting in the investigation and prosecution of certain criminal targets.”

So, when the DA finds photos of money and tons of things bought with money, it kind of ruins the story that the target doesn't have to resources to pay.

Or, once again, let me be the first to suggest that you just pay the child support. Then you can make it rain all over Facebook with no worries.

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