Tinychat To Introduce Facebook Group Video Chat App

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Facebook's video chat was perhaps the gem of their "amazing things" announcement from a few days ago. The pairing of Skype with Facebook has been widely lauded from within Facebook and oft-discussed well beyond those boundaries. Now, users who don't want to rely on Facebook's video chat could soon have another option.

As long as they have an iOS device, that is. According to a report at TechCrunch, Tinychat will introduce an iPhone/iPad app that allows users to add up to 12 Facebook friends into a video chat, which will take place on mobile devices. While desktop use is rumored to be supported, Tinychat's upcoming app is designed with the mobile user in mind. As the description indicates, the app will focus on the Facebook community, although, one wonders why Tinychat just doesn't shuck Facebook integration and just focus on developing their own version of mobile group chat, based on their technology.

Digression aside, TechCrunch indicates the application will be available next week, and there's also information from one of Tinychat's founders, CEO Dan Blake who discusses his company's growth. Apparently, Tinychat processes over 1 billion minutes of video chat content a month, which would indicate they have the infrastructure to support mobile group chat. It would appear as if Tinychat is leveraging Facebook's ability to organize friends and connections.

The report goes on to say that while the iOS platform is the initial target for the upcoming app, Android will soon be included in Tinychat's Facebook group video chat support. Currently, there is no official news available at Tinychat's site, but the 12 users theme is represented in a description of their non-mobile service:

Share up to twelve broadcasts simultaneously! With text, video, and audio chat, you and your friends can connect and talk from anywhere in the world.

Clearly, 12 is not an arbitrary number. There's also a video/infomercial concerning the upcoming mobile app, which leads this post.

Is video chat something you're fond of? Would you like to have the ability to group video chat on your mobile device, as long as it's either an Apple or an Android device? Let us know what you think.