Time Warner Cable Brings Streaming App To PCs And Macs

IT Management

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In an attempt to stay relevant with the kids, Time Warner is bringing its streaming service to PCs and Macs. The service was originally only available for the iPad and iPhone.

The software is currently in beta form and works on all major browsers. I unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you ask, do not have Time Warner Cable so I can’t personally verify the quality of the app.

The original report on PC World, however, seems to indicate that the web app works well and has good video quality. Unfortunately, like with any streaming service, users can only watch live television at their home where the cable connection is hooked up. There are about 200 channels to choose from but the all too important Viacom channels, Comedy Central and MTV, are absent.

The app essentially works like a cable set top box does. It allows for HD programming, recording, setting favorites, etc. It also features search, parental controls and search functions.

It’s a good move on Time Warner’s part, but will people really choose this over other options like Boxee? It’s good to see cable companies embrace the Internet, but they still make it too hard and obnoxious for users to access the content they want to watch.

No wonder the cable companies like Time Warner are pushing for cable encryption rules so that we have even less choice when it comes to entertainment.

Have any of you, the readers, checked out Time Warner Cable’s new online streaming app? How is it? Let us know.