Tim Tebow Signed By The New England Patriots

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Well, that was unexpected. After hitting the news/trend cycle with statements like "his career is probably over" and rumors of Tebow to the Canadian Football League, the Tim Tebow legend will live on in the NFL for at least one more season.

Or, well, until he gets cut by the New England Patriots.

That's right, probably the most unexpected team in the NFL, especially when you consider the Tom Brady-led passing attack the offense uses, signed one Timothy Richard Tebow. The news was broken to the masses by ESPN NFL Insider, Ed Werder over at his Twitter account:

As you can see by the retweets and favorites, news of Tebow's potential NFL resurrection is spreading like wildfire. It's also dominating the Twitter trends list, both in the United States and globally:


Which begs the question, did the Patriots do this to win the trend cycle or do Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel--who, incidentally, drafted Tebow when he was the head coach of the Denver Broncos--have some mad scientist plans for 2013's "most influential athlete," at least according to Forbes? Considering how Tebow is dominating the current Twitter trend list, maybe Forbes was closer to the mark than we first thought.

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