Tim Tebow Press Conference: Jets, Broncos, Manning, and of course God

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Tim Tebow, the newest New York Jet, gave a press conference today about being traded by the Denver Broncos and what the immediate future holds for him.

When asked about his feelings regarding the trade being a "publicity stunt", Tebow said his feelings weren't hurt by the comment but that he disagrees completely. He touched upon the subject of "Tebowing", which is part of the "Tebowmania" that has been touted as something that may prove to be a distraction for New York, saying that many players take a knee to pray before a game and he sees nothing special about doing it himself.

Tebow responded to many of the reporters by name and remained personable throughout, answering questions with relative ease. He says that while his biggest goal is to be a good player and a good teammate, what he does off the field is much more important and that he is extremely proud of what his fame has allowed him to do with the Tebow Foundation, which works with orphaned, disadvantaged, and disabled children.

The young QB also talked about his spirituality a bit, touching on it after being asked what his core beliefs were, but he ended it by saying he was there to talk about the Jets, not his faith.

He says the experience of being traded to New York has been a "whirlwind", mainly because the team acquired him without looking over his contract fully, which sparked talk of the trade not being completed.

When one reporter asked about his feelings on how he was treated by Denver--and if he understands the outrage on the part of his fans regarding it--Tebow said he wishes the Broncos nothing but the best and that they have one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

"It'll be fun to play each other," he said.

The newest Jet seems to have won over quite a few viewers, who appreciate his ease with speaking at such a big conference.

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