Tiger Woods Shoots 85 At Memorial, Still Remains Optimistic About Bouncing Back

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Golf is said to be a lonely sport, more so if you’re Tiger Woods and you have the whole green to yourself as a penalty for being in last place. It was a situation no one – not Tiger Woods, his fans or the sports analysts – have ever been in.

It definitely wasn’t a good week for Woods and it ended even worse.

The embattled golfer shot a 2-over-par 74 on Sunday to finish his game in 2 hours and 51 minutes at The Memorial Tournament. Despite the score, it was better than the 85 he shot on Sunday which was undeniably the worst in his career.

The golfer later admitted that yes, golf is “a lonely sport” but that that is where the beauty, and the difficulty, of the game lies. “When you're on, no one is going to slow you down. And when you're off, no one is going to pick you up,” Woods explained.

But even though his performance was less than stellar at The Memorial Tournament, Woods didn’t back down and still played with the same commitment he has always shown.

As the 39-year-old golfer puts it, “just because I’m in last place doesn’t change how I play golf” and added that it doesn’t matter where he stands in the tournament, he will “play all out.”

The 11 time PGA Player of the Year also copped to working on his swing or as he calls it, the “pattern,” that he and swing consultant Chris Como formulated.

One person who understands the situation that Woods currently finds himself in is tournament host Jack Nicklaus.

The legendary golfer has been through a similar situation in 1979 before bouncing back.

“It took me four or five months but I got my game back,” the 75-year-old golfer said before adding that Woods has to “go back and review some of his own things rather than listen to someone else."

“He is the only one that is going to be able to fix what he’s got,” Nicklaus said.

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